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Monday, October 30, 2006

Chester, Chester, Chester...

I am almost terrified of Chester T. Kelley.

Well, not terrified--at least not totally. But I am a little concerned about his brazen stance against illegal immigrants.

The reason for my latest bout of fear? Has anyone seen his commercial where he likens illegal immigrants to "weapons of mass destruction" and simultaneously slings mud at incumbent congressman Jim McCrery?

WMDs? That's a stretch, isn't it? Yikes!

Almost every working stiff (myself included) wants to see people who come into our country work and pay taxes, etc. like we do. But I don't think illegal immigrants are here to kill us all, like "weapons of mass destruction" would.

But, maybe he really feels threatened. On the same topic he told Times reporters and editors, “I honestly believe with all my heart, that the American way of life, the culture as we know it is in serious jeopardy of being totally and completely obliterated. … There’s no doubt that moving away from the Anglo-European background that we move in a totally different direction from the way we think and the way we intend to educate and raise our families.”

Obliterated? Yikes, again.

I wonder if he knows we all come from immigrants of some kind. That's how our country was built, right?


Blogger Chester T. Kelley for Congress said...

We all came from "immigrants".
That's a true statement. However, since the founding of the United States (and more specifically since reconstruction), immigration has been through a normalized and legal channel.

The legal channels of immigration are followed by every country around the world save one: The United States. We allow our borders to be breached daily. And, it's a mockery to our soldiers who die in Iraq to LITERALLY allow ANYTHING to cross our borders unchecked.

Any terrorist could LITERALLY walk across the southern or northern borders any time day or night. And, there's nothing you can do about it. What's worse, BIG BUSINESS could not care less. They are making so much money off the cheap labor that they are willing to trade our national security for a few extra billion in profits.

Chester's not concerned with immigrants. He is concerned with ILLEGAL immigrants, and those who are here at the behest of BIG BUSINESS.

One sad part about this whole debate is that there is a subculture of immigrants here in the US that are, basically, slaves. They get "paid" nothing, they have not social services, and they are discarded like used dish rags when businesses that "hire" them are through with them.

Your blog is nowhere near long enough, nor do I have the time to discuss the full ramifications of what is happening right now here in the US. So, I won't try.

However, I will say this: You may not think that illegal immigration is likened to WMDs, but Jim McCrery and his buddies in big business have used them that way.

Don Harrold
Campaign Manager, Chester T. Kelley for Congress

1:28 AM  

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