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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Their days are numbered

As Shreveport City Hall prepares for a new mayor, several employees are preparing for a new future.

Former mayoral candidates Liz Swaine and Arlena Acree are eyeing self-employment.

Swaine is considering continuing the freelance writing and television she has done over the last decade but is staying “open to suggestions and opportunities as they arrive. I feel things happen as you least expect them, like this job.”

Swaine was burned out with her job as a television anchor and considering leaving the area when then-mayor elect Keith Hightower asked her to emcee his inaugural event, which led to her current role as executive assistant to the mayor/city spokeswoman.

Acree, who owns the employment agency Career Adventures and a jewelry import business, hasn’t heard from mayor-elect Cedric Glover if she will continue her role as the city’s economic development director. But if she can’t do it as a city employee, she’ll consider doing it as a consultant to private business and the movie industry.

Chief administrative officer Ken Antee began cleaning out his desk Monday. While he hasn’t decided what he’ll do next – although returning to practicing law is an option – one thing is certain.

“I’m ready to move on,” he said. “Eight years in this job is long enough.”


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