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Friday, December 29, 2006

He's official, too

Calvin Lester announced his candidacy for the state House District 4 seat in a press conference today, bringing the contender count to four.

Yes, four.

Reginald Johnson, who previously told me he was praying about a run, has made his decision to seek the seat public – although he didn’t publicly make a big deal about it.

Most candidates alert us to their intentions so that we’ll write a news article. Johnson opted to make his announcement at Morningstar Missionary Baptist Church a couple Sundays ago without any media attention.

I had been trying to reach him and finally caught up with him today.

His platform is built on improving education, economic development and quality of life – everything from better housing to transportation.

“Everything is built off those three platforms,” the Democrat said. “But education is the key. … The time has passed us as far as fixing problems with Band-Aids. We have to be able to look at the five, 10-, 20-year forecast.”

Johnson, an accountant by trade and current president of the Shreveport Zoning Board of Appeals, points to his experience as a benefit.

“My background is I’m able to come in and hit the ground running. I don’t have to go through the learning curve.”


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