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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Joe Shyne, unplugged pt. 2

More material from more than two hours of interviews with District F councilman-elect Joe Shyne, perhaps the most quotable - and colorful - local political figure:

"My daddy didn't believe that preachers ought to hold political office. And that's where I get my beliefs from. God called you to preach. You've got a full-time job. Be active in your community. But you don't need to hold a political office" - Shyne on some of the beliefs instilled in him by his late father, a Methodist preacher and educator.

“I think Jesus taught love for everybody. And I think this (Bush) administration has brought in a lot of hate toward gays and lesbians and people who might not have the same beliefs or ideas that they have. They have not brought in ... tolerance. My daddy felt that God created everybody. And all of us are human. All of us have shortcomings. We all fall short. My daddy loved everybody” – Shyne on the Bush Administration.

“They never dreamed that I was going to be able to get a pardon from a Republican governor. But God blessed me to get this pardon from a Republican governor. Then they said I needed one from the president.
"What I look like trying to get a pardon from the president of the United States over $1,500? Out of all the major things that the president of the United States has to deal with … the only way you get a presidential pardon is to major contributor to the Republican Party. It was stupid” – Shyne on getting a pardon from former Louisiana Gov. Mike Foster in Aug. 2003.

“God is going to make sure that he takes care of you. Now, you may have to go through some rough spots. But God is going to take care of you. That’s why you see me driving along here now as the city councilman. All of this was because of the grace and mercy of God. Wasn’t because I so smart.
"But now you’ve got to understand: if people are coming at you to get you, they can get you because you’re going to slip. Look at Bill Clinton. Now you know that girl (Monica Lewinsky) didn’t just accidentally save that dress with that stain on there. Time you get home, you try to wash that off” - Shyne on being the target of a federal case for bribery. He plead guilty to the bribery charge in 1994.


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