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Friday, November 24, 2006

Six figures no more?

“I don’t think there are a lot of industries that pay minimum wage,” U.S. Rep. Jim McCrery told The Times editorial board last month.

He must have been looking at the Shreveport City Hall roster when he said that.

Fourteen positions pay more than $100,000. Eight of those salaries are higher than the mayor’s, while $400 was all that separated assistant chief administrative officer Tom Dark from city spokeswoman Liz Swaine. Another three dozen management positions pay from $68,000 to $99,000.

“That’s an area where we will look to achieve some savings potentially,” Shreveport mayor-elect Cedric Glover said of the salaries. “I don’t think (anyone) should assume that any of those would be a baseline for the Glover administration.”

Here are the top 14 positions and their current pay:

Ken Antee, chief administrative officer, $132,480.48
Ramon Lafitte, city attorney, $130,397.76
Kelvin Cochran, fire chief, $125,897.04
Mike Campbell, (now retired) police chief, $125,034.24
Charles Kirkland, Metropolitan Planning Commission director, $115,933.92
Liz Washington, finance director, $115,842.24
Mike Strong, department of operational services director, $114,429.84
Jim Holt, deputy director of operational services, $110,835.12
Keith Hightower, mayor, $109,623.84
Tom Dark, assistant chief administrative officer, $108,934.32
Liz Swaine, executive assistant to the mayor, $108,526.56
Roy Miller, airport director, $107,810.16
Shelly Ragle, parks and recreation director, $107,278.56
Danny Thomas, data services administrator, $101,973.60


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