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Friday, January 19, 2007

New kid on the North Caddo block

He was born in California, lived in Washington D.C., Texas and New Jersey. He got his college degrees from the University of Maryland and Central Michigan University.

Now Marc Weddleton – married to Blanchard native Michelle Fonville – lives in Mooringsport and wants to be the state House District 1 representative.

He’s one of five candidates in the race where only two contenders have ever held public office – Caddo Parish Commissioner Jim Morris and Oil City Justice of the Peace Ruth Johnston. Swepco employee Richie Hollier ran for the seat before but lost. Michael Page Boyter, aka Psycho Santa, hasn’t ever run for office but has had plenty of dealings with government – albeit the police.

Weddleton, who interned in constituent and legislative affairs with former California governor Pete Wilson 16 years ago, said one main issue spurred him to run:

“I see a need to challenge the status quo on separation of church and state,” he said. “The state shouldn’t dictate church affairs but God should be included in every facet of government.”

On that issue, his top priority is returning prayer to schools. He acknowledges teacher-led prayer is a precarious situation but he believes students should have time to pray – preferably under the Christian religion.

“I’m a Christian and I promote that, but as an American, freedom of religion means everyone has the freedom to choose their religion,” he said.

A member of First Baptist Church in Blanchard, Weddleton has other issues on his platform too: opening pre-K to all students regardless of background and test scores, and ensuring the district has cleaner water.

Weddleton settled in Mooringsport in 2005 after spending 20 years in the Air Force and serving in Desert Storm, Somalia and Kosovo. He’s currently operations manager for the medical billing and consulting firm Medinomics.

“My values are God, family and country,” the 41-year-old Republican said. “It’s worked so far.”


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