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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Getting criminals out...

The folks running for spots in Shreveport's government sure are using commercials to get their messages across.

And now I've got to hand it to mayor-hopeful Jerry Jones. He was very specific about his intentions to "get tough and stay tough on crime" if he were elected to the contested post. His method of doing this is crystal clear: "get the criminals out," he said in his latest commercial.

If it were that easy to get criminals out of the area I'm sure police in Shreveport and every other city in America would have done it by now, right? Since there are no crime-free cities, fighting crime must be a difficult job.

This city does need to "get tough" on crime, as Jones suggests. But My only question for Jones is: where are the criminals going to go?

We all know not to Minden, Marshall, or Longview.


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