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Monday, November 27, 2006

Taking care of business in the 4th district ... and Shreveport?

Shreveport mayor-elect Cedric Glover has asked speaker of the house Joe Salter to retain his legislative staff until his District 4 state house seat is filled by the February special election.

But that doesn’t mean they’ll be without jobs when that happens.

“They’ve served the folks of the 4th well. They’ll probably do well serving the people of Shreveport also,” Glover said.

Speaking of jobs, Glover will have plenty of decisions to make on that front when he takes office Tuesday. When it comes to filling open positions, Glover said that he’ll look within the ranks but he won’t rule out looking beyond either.

“I am the type of leader that values that type of ongoing dedication if you manage to be able to achieve excellence in your current capacity over the years and have positioned yourself to be the type of leader that can step up to head a department, that opportunity is there for you,” Glover said.

“By the same token, I don’t ever want to be in a position of limiting my options because obviously there are some times it can be of benefit bringing in people with a different experience or a different perspective that may not have certain ties or relationships that will allow them to be more independent and more effective in terms of leading and managing an area,” he said.


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