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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Inquiring minds want to know

A few minutes ago, someone dropped off an envelope at the front desk for me. They didn’t tell the receptionist their name and the single sheet tucked inside didn’t have any contact information, so I can only guess what the anonymous deliverer was implying.

The printout in the envelope was a spreadsheet of names slugged “Glover Transition and Inaugural Committee” – names that appeared to contradict the list of volunteers we published in the paper.

I had received a copy of this from the transition team as well, but was unclear what it was when I was working on the story yesterday. I caught up with transition team co-chair Dee Peterson this morning and he explained that these were the members before the group started being broken into subcommittees.

The list was in an e-mail from Nov. 29, 2006 – one day after Glover was sworn in to office. Some of the people on the original team are no longer a part of the process, according to Peterson.

Here are the original members and a little background on them:

Sherwood Bailey: An engineer, he hosted a fundraiser for Glover during his mayoral campaign. Bailey served on the CAO panel and was asked to continue serving on the city attorney panel but had to step down because of work commitments.

State Rep. Ernest Baylor: Also on the CAO and city attorney panels, although he missed yesterday’s second round of interviews because he was sick.

Tari Bradford: Bradford - U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu's deputy state director in Shreveport - worked on Glover’s mayoral campaign and helped organize the gala.

Lynn Braggs: Glover’s mayoral campaign chairman, Braggs is in charge of fundraising for the transition team with attorney Ron Weems.

Roy Cary: A former Shreveport City Councilman who unsuccessfully ran for mayor in 1994, Cary’s name hasn’t played a role in the ongoing transition team efforts, according to the group’s documents.

S.P. Davis: An attorney, Davis was a co-chair with attorney Sam Gregorio on the CAO panel. An e-mail asking Shreveport University-Shreveport Chancellor Ray Belton to serve as co-chair on the city attorney panel said Davis could no longer serve.

Helen Godfrey-Smith: Now the transition team co-chair with Dee Peterson.

Sam Gregorio: He gave $5,000 – the maximum – to Glover’s mayoral campaign. He’s been serving as CAO and city attorney panel co-chair.

Chloe Haygood: She unsuccessfully ran for Caddo Parish school board against Willie Burton in this last election and is now one of Glover’s executive assistants at City Hall.

Sen. Lydia Jackson: Said to have been a driving force behind Glover’s win, Jackson’s name surfaced only once in transition team meeting minutes.

Bob Munson: A Baton Rouge political consultant who advised Glover throughout the campaign. There is no mention of him in the team’s meetings.

Theartis Neal: Another campaign worker, Neal’s been present at some of the sub-committee meetings. He's on the contract review panel, the only non-attorney aside from Caddo Parish superintendent Ollie Tyler.

Dee Peterson: A former Jerry Jones supporter, now co-chair of the transition team with Godfrey-Smith.

Markey Pierre: With Southern Strategy Group, she coordinated Glover’s mayoral campaign. She was the media’s point of contact. She doesn’t appear to have any other role in the transition team, according to the documents.

Lillian Priest: A Caddo Parish school board member, Priest is the only paid member of the transition team. She provides secretarial duties.

Dale Sibley: He was the first person publicly named in the rollout of the transition team concept, named as coordinator. He went on to become Glover’s chief executive assistant at City Hall.

Lloyd Thompson: Head of the Tuesday Morning Breakfast Group, Thompson was a Glover supporter (even accompanying him to qualifying, when Glover showed up at the Caddo Courthouse with a cake to celebrate his birthday.) Thompson has coordinated the public safety panel organization efforts.

Al Thomas: Glover's mayoral campaign office manager, Peterson said Thomas is no longer a part of the team.

Ron Weems: An attorney, Weems is co-chair of the fundraising committee and oversees the contract review committee.


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