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Friday, November 03, 2006

And while we're on the topic of Democrats ....

The political action committee of the Louisiana Democratic State Central Committee filed its campaign finance report showing who gave money that helped pay for the attack ad against Jerry Jones in the days before the Shreveport mayoral primary election.The party, which would have had a celebration if it got a dime out of local Democrats earlier this year, raised $60,100 in Shreveport-Bossier in two days.

The money came from six contributors:

Yor-Wic Construction, Bossier City: $20,000

Louisiana General Agency: $10,000

RHB Design/Build LLC, Shreveport: $5,000

Richie Richie & Oberle, Shreveport: $5,000

Cedric B. Glover for Mayor: $100

But the most interesting donation of $20,000 came from this contributor, the only donor out of 71 that didn’t include an address: DVI Shreveport.

Look to City Council minutes from 2002 for an explanation:

. . . proposed by the City showing the 1,000 foot spacing around the proposed Deja Vu strip club, a legal property or title description of DVI Shreveport LC property, that is the Deja Vu property, that's their corporate name DVI Shreveport, a legal property or title description of the old T & P Railroad Company which is located on market, north of Caddo . . .

Anyone want to connect the dots?


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