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Friday, November 03, 2006

They have a way with words

I look forward to the press releases the state Democratic Party sends me. They’re always fun to read:

“Modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah: What is Rodney Alexander running – a congressional office or a den of deceit and debauchery?” said the release that came in the middle of the Mark Foley sex scandal.

“Craig Romero, whose own personal and professional finances are entangled with nepotism and back room deals, wants to attack Congressman (Charlie) Melancon on of all things – ethics violations!” the party blasted in response to attack ads against Melancon.

“Boys and girls, can you say ‘hypocrite’? When it comes to mudslinging, Jerry Jones thinks it’s OK to throw it, but can’t take it,” was the one that came earlier this week in reference to Shreveport mayoral candidate Jerry Jones’ ads about opponent Cedric Glover’s record.

But the one that had me doubled over was in response to Sen. John Kerry’s botched joke that people who don’t study and do their homework were likely to “get stuck in Iraq.”

“Earlier this week, Sen. John Kerry misspoke and it was an unfortunate remark he made regarding our troops in Iraq.”

The e-mail arrived with a note reminding voters to “stay focused.”

Focused on what? The issues?


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