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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Parade of Horribles

If you've ever gone to a municipality meeting - city council, police jury or commission - you've experienced the "parade of horribles." (A nickname shared to me by a parish official and very appropriate.)

These are all the things that will possibly happen if the particular agenda item gets passed. For example the development of a corner convenience store might raise crime in a nearby subdivision, or the development of an apartment complex might lower nearby property value.

Tuesday at the Bossier City Council meeting, the "parade of horribles" was particularly reaching, not by a resident, but by a councilman.

A new ordinance was introduced that would give law enforcement the right to search and seize weapons found on any person and/or their vehicle if they showed some suspicious activity or gave cause to do so.

For example, said City Attorney Jimmy Hall, an intoxicated person or someone on drugs might be stumbling around and give cause to be searched.

Councilman Jeff Darby came up with a "what if."

"What concerns me is if someone like a 80-year-old woman is shaking because she's walking down some steps and then is subject to be searched," said Darby with all seriousness.

Hall returned in reply, "We have to some faith that officers would use their discretion, but if its any consolation, we've never had a 80-year-old woman arrested on the grounds. Although, we did have an old man with a cane one time that could have created a real problem."


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