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Monday, January 29, 2007

In his own words

Every so often, I get press releases that I’m not quite sure what to do with. One I received last week fell into that category. It was from a New Orleans minister and civil rights activist, the Rev. Raymond Brown.

You’ll remember Brown for being a potty mouth during a speech on police tactics in south Louisiana last year, infamously calling Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco a name you don’t use in polite company.

Brown repeated it again in a press release announcing he’s running for governor in the Oct. 20 election. It’s raw, so the faint of heart should stop here.

Here it is, word for word:

“Brown blames Governor Blanco and President Bush for a resurgence of racism and the slow response to Hurricane Katrina that left 16,000 people dead and 250,000 people displaced around the country. He supports helping small, white businesses and minority contractors. He will be speaking for poor black and white citizens.

"Brown will run as a Democrat candidate. He wants an end to the war in Iraq, a ban on flying the Confederate flag in public, make using the word ‘nigger’ in public a civil penalty, make life in prison a maximum 20-year sentence. He supports treatment for drug addicts, not jail time, an end to the death penalty, a state law banning racial profiling, the drug penalty for drug kingpins only and an end to arresting homeless citizens sleeping in public.

"Rev. Brown, who referred to the Governor Blanco as a no-good bitch, but later apologized, is now calling for the governor to resign or not seek re-election.”

To learn more about Brown, click here.


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