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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Even Willie Horton would be ashamed of this...

Check out this link below to NPR, which has compiled video of some of the nastiest, meanest TV campaign ads - both Democratic and Republican, for those of you all who think we taint our coverage - this side of Willie Horton.

It's often been argued that these sort of ads are precisely the reason why many people stay away from the polls. The logic to that argument is instead of attempting to dissect real issues, of which there are no shortage at this present time in our country, that they confuse and discourage people ... in short, they make everyone lose faith in the worthiness of the candidates. As a result, we see record-low turnouts at the ballot box.

Take a glance at some of these ads, and it's hard to argue.

Pay particular note to the one about Democratic Senate candidate Harold Ford Jr. of Tennessee. Even his Republican opponent denounced it.


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