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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Glover's political machine and Jones supporters ...

The get-out-the-vote effort was humming from the looks of things at Cedric Glover’s campaign headquarters at 8:45 p.m. Hundreds of workers flowed through the office as names were called out for $75 checks doled out from the center table. Glover campaign T-shirts still numbered 150 inside with about 25 or more outside. This had been going on for a while.

"Are you ready for Glover to be mayor?" barked someone in the middle of the check passing.
"Yeah!" yelled the enthusiastic crowd.

Another T-shirted worker turned away with a check in hand. It isn’t unusual for campaign workers to get paid for a hard days’ work. Fancy campaigns pay big dollars to umbrella organizations to do the same thing. This is just the nitty-gritty work of closing down a campaign.
It’s a reminder that The Times and other media will need to follow up on campaign finance reports.

If you have any story tips, send to the reporters on this blog.

Other notes: The crowd was filled with well-known figures like former Shreveport Police Chief Jim Roberts and Caddo Parish Commissioner Bob Brown. They were in the crowd with the likes of State representative Mike Powell at the Jones campaign event at LSUS. A simple fare of finger food and political chatting around the television were set at the Jones camp. Roberts took some shots at me for The Times endorsement of Cedric Glover. He explained he’d followed Glover closely and wasn’t very impressed. I told him Glover had a record of building coalitions. I guess I should have asked if Roberts support for Jones included offering ideas from his experience building coalitions in the community. Remember, Roberts resigned amid the controversy of the Marquise Hudspeth shooting.

At The Clarion Hotel, the crowd waiting on Cedric Glover was a little more festive. Entertainment was ready to perform for a somewhat younger crowd.


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